An Invitation to join . . .

DuPage Peace Through Justice Coalition

DuPage Peace Through Justice Coalition, PO Box 494, Winfield, IL

DuPage County is standing up for peace!

Many people in our county are working to stop the current drive for war and promote peaceful resolutions of international differences. Shortly after September 11, 2001, the DuPage Peace Through Justice Coalition was formed for this purpose. We invite you to join us and strengthen the voices for peace. We also welcome non-members to join us at any of our meetings and activities.    See for further information.

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o Yes, Id like to join the DuPage Peace Through Justice Coalition. Enclosed is my $15 annual membership fee.

Only Coalition Members can vote on the policies adopted at Coalition business meetings.

o I cannot join at this time, but would like to support the Coalition. Enclosed is $_____________.

(Please make checks out to: DuPage Peace Through Justice Coalition, P.O. Box 494, Winfield, IL 60190
  we are not a 501C organization, consult your tax advisor regarding tax questions)

I am interested in the following activities:

o Meeting with elected officials

o Organizing rallies

o Writing to elected officials

o Writing letters to the editor

o Coalition business meetings

o Just Views

o Coalition discussion meetings

o Administrative/clerical help

o Media outreach (press releases, etc.)

o Working on a newsletter

o Community Outreach and Education

o Working on website pages and downloadable flyers








Labor Donated