The Case for Peaceful Resolution of International Problems;

A Presentation and Discussion about US-Iraq Relations

After Iraq invaded Kuwait, the US and its allies launched the Gulf War, imposed sanctions, and continued to bomb military and civilian targets on an intermittent basis. These actions have caused untold suffering of the Iraqi people, and have exacerbated tensions within the Persian Gulf region rather than solve any problems. Now the US government is preparing to escalate the war on Iraq through a full scale invasion. This planned invasion is opposed by US allies and is increasingly opposed by the American people.

The DuPage Peace through Justice Coalition feels it is imperative to bring facts and analysis about US-Iraq relations to the political discussion taking place today, in order to counter the US government’s easy answers and rhetoric. Only by doing so, can we engage in reasoned debate about the critical issues of war and peace. Representatives from the Coalition would be pleased to make a presentation and lead discussion on this topic for your Church or other organization. At the conclusion of the program, the presenters will provide information about the various peace initiatives taking place in the area, and how to promote further discussions calling for peaceful resolutions of problems.