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Friday September 14, 7:20 pm, 2007 -- Censure & Impeachment Options


Whether or not you already have seen the new "PBS broadcast on Impeachment" generating so many passionate responses and reruns, join the group viewing and then discussing it on this night. Bill Moyers gets expert input from constitutional scholar Bruce Fein -- who wrote the first article of impeachment against President Bill Clinton, and from progressive journalist John Nichols -- who has researched the intent and history of impeachment for the outstanding news weekly, The Nation. A recent opinion poll in the USA showed that more than half of Americans believe the current Vice President should be impeached and nearly half favor impeachment of the sitting President. We’ll delve into the "whys, hows, and what-ifs" of various options. Folks of all political and nonpolitical orientations are invited. Come for civil dialog open to 360 degrees of perspective.

These 2nd Friday evening Just Views programs start at 7:20 pm, are sponsored by the DuPage Peace through Justice Coalition and held at the Unitarian Church in Naperville IL at 4 S 535 Old Naperville Road (630/505-9408). Directions: Go (south of Route 88) to the corner of Naperville Road and Diehl. Proceed one block east along Diehl, then turn left/north. Enter the Unitarian Church ahead on your right.

Just Views (JV) shows great films on the big screen about vital peace-and-justice issues on 2nd Fridays monthly for free!  College and HS students are urged to join the adult public. View and then share views from various vantages with citizens and invited resource persons. Each night is a stimulating, informal, stand-alone experience. Give suggestions to JV Director sociologist Stephanie Hughes 630/420-4233. Mark your calendar ahead for each second Friday night, pass along this notice, and bring friends! For upcoming JV subjects and other activities, see:




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