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September 8, 2006, 7:20 pm – 9/11/01 "Conspiracy" Questions: Loose Change

For/with Adults and Teens!


Tonight we view on the big screen one of several exposes (see probing still-unanswered questions about the horrific events of 9/11/2001. "Conspiracy theory" is what some label such documentaries -- to summarily dismiss them. However, this many-faceted, multi-sourced production by Korey Rowe, written and directed by Dylan Avery, uncovers huge, legitimate incongruities that deserve to be investigated fully and critically alongside both released and suppressed information from government sources. After viewing, the audience may stay to discuss a) Specifics not satisfied by the 9/11 Commission Report -- such as disappearance and withholding of emergency-phone and blackbox recordings, and demolition-style implosion of a third WTC building 10 hours after and a block away from the first two, b) Sometime use of "conspiracy theory" labels to deter inquiry, and c) Historic use of surprise attacks reported to the public to justify military aggression.

These 2nd Friday evening Just Views programs start at 7:20 pm, are sponsored by the DuPage Peace through Justice Coalition and held at the Unitarian Church in Naperville IL at 4 S 535 Old Naperville Road (630/505-9408). Directions: Go (south of Route 88) to the corner of Naperville Road and Diehl. Proceed one block east along Diehl, then turn left/north. Enter the Unitarian Church ahead on your right.
Just Views (JV) shows great films on the big screen about vital peace-and-justice issues on 2nd Fridays monthly for free!  College and HS students are urged to join the adult public. View and then share views from various vantages with citizens and invited resource persons. Each night is a stimulating, informal, stand-alone experience. Give suggestions to JV Director sociologist Stephanie Hughes 630/420-4233. Mark your calendar ahead for each second Friday night, pass along this notice, and bring friends! For upcoming JV subjects and other activities, see:


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