The DuPage Peace through Justice Coalition presents
JUST VIEWS: a Monthly Video/ Discussion Program


Just Views May 12, 7:20 pm 2006--Free Public Film: Life and Debt.

This night we will delve into the impacts that colonialism, economic globalization and structural adjustment are having on developing countries -- and on others too -- for better and for worse. We will be transported to an illustrative locale, a sunny vacationers’ paradise -- to see how life really is for locals. Aid for development has created national debt and destroyed local agriculture and industry, impoverishing the workforce. The Deputy Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) interviewed on camera explains the official policies of global financial institutions. IMF and World Bank policies may be well intended, and do serve international corporate and banking interests, but they continue to have dire consequences for ordinary citizens. Our post-film discussion will benefit from input from provider Hunter Adams and will entertain analyses from multiple perspectives. Possibly ask your library for this Stephanie Black production on DVD and for these relevant books and tapes: The White Man’s Burden; Confessions of an Economic Hit Man; Empty Promises: The IMF, the World Bank, and Planned Failures of Global Capitalism.

These 2nd Friday evening Just Views programs start at 7:20 pm, are sponsored by the DuPage Peace through Justice Coalition and held at the Unitarian Church in Naperville IL at 4 S 535 Old Naperville Road (630/505-9408). Directions: Go (south of Route 88) to the corner of Naperville Road and Diehl. Proceed one block east along Diehl, then turn left/north. Enter the Unitarian Church ahead on your right.
Just Views (JV) shows great films on the big screen about vital peace-and-justice issues on 2nd Fridays monthly for free!  College and HS students are urged to join the adult public. View and then share views from various vantages with citizens and invited resource persons. Each night is a stimulating, informal, stand-alone experience. Give suggestions to JV Director sociologist Stephanie Hughes 630/420-4233. Mark your calendar ahead for each second Friday night, pass along this notice, and bring friends! For upcoming JV subjects and other activities, see:


Assistance to people starting and running Just Views programs in their own areas is to be found at:



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