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FRIDAY, December 9, 2005

Votes Switched in Tabulation


The "Help America Vote Act" has lead to the unanticipated consequence of privatizing US election systems: "Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Go to to learn of the investigators -- including from Stanford, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins -- consulted in the creation of this gripping documentary. It’s about how swift and secret vote fraud has been enabled -- and accomplished -- via the new high-tech voting and tabulation systems now in use -- in DuPage County, around the USA, and for sale abroad. This destroyer of democracy is real and cannot be dismissed as some "weird conspiracy theory". At the film’s conclusion and in the discussion following, concrete corrective steps that can be taken right here in Illinois will be explored with knowledgeable resources.



Time & Place: 7:20 p.m., DuPage Unitarian Church in Naperville (630/505-9408)

Address: 4 South 535 Old Naperville Road, Naperville IL 60563 Directions: Go (south of Route 88) to the corner of Naperville Road and Diehl. Proceed 1 block east along Diehl, then turn left/north. Enter the Unitarian Church ahead on your right. Contact: Stephanie Hughes 630/420-4233

Extra: WAL-MART--THE HIGH COST OF LOW PRICE will be shown and discussed at 1 PM on Sunday, Dec 11 at the Unitarian Church in Naperville (630/505-9408) presented by the DUUC Social Action and Peace through Justice Committees.

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